Britain, nah America, nah the entire world has been afflicted by the royal wedding fever. Unless you are living under a rock, you would know that  Prince William and Kate Middleton will be walking down the aisle on April 29th, 2011 at the famous Westminster Abbey. Even the A&D world has succumbed to the wedding frenzy and IN the past few months we have seen some good, some bad and some just plain bizarre royal wedding memorabilia. If you intend to participate in the wedding of the century in your own way then maybe you can splurge on some of the Prince William and Kate Middleton memorabilia listed below!

Prince William and Kate Middleton Commemorative Tapestry Cushions
Want Prince William and Kate Middleton in your bed ? Okay that just didn’t come across right. What I meant was you can order Prince William and Kate Middleton commemorative cushions and liven up your decor.

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Kate and William Greeting Card with Teabags
Oh those Brits and their tea! If you want to dip your royals in hot water then this royal object is perfect for you and you can order it from there.


Jan Constantine’s Regal Cushion Collection
A Royal Wedding memorabilia that ain’t cheesy or ugly. The Royal Wedding cushions are sophisticated and have  the names of  William and Catherine embellished in  antique gold across the heart and adorned with the crown of Prince William.


The Crown and Coronets Wallpaper
The Crown and Coronets Wallpaper by wallpaper company Graham and Brown seeks homage to the british royals and is one of the more classy memorabilia out there.

The William & Catherine Commemorative Chair
There is no doubt in my mind that the British Royal family would approve of the William & Catherine Commemorative Chair since its elegant and also features the couple’s names and the wedding date.


The Royal Refrigerator By General Electric
No this one isn’t a gag gift and such a refrigerator does exist in this whacked out world. The refrigerator has a giant-sized photo of Prince William and Kate Middleton plastered bang on the doors and we wonder if there are actually any takers.


The Limited Edition Royal Wedding Sliding Door System
Commemorative knick-knacks are so passe and now one can opt for sliding wardrobe doors and show their allegiance to the royal fancily. The Limited Edition Royal Wedding Sliding Door System can be ordered from and the doors features Kate and William’s photo image on glass panels. Talk about an overkill!


Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Souvenir Dinnerware
The official china can be purchased from and  bears the couple’s entwined initials in gold and silver surmounted by the coronet of Prince William and the wedding date. The china set features a $39 pill box, a $54 tankard and $62 eight-inch plates.

Kate and William Porcelain Throne
I don’t know who is behind the Kate and William Porcelain Throne but maybe they wanted a touch of royalty in their own bathrooms?


Commemorative Plates By KK Outlet
Thumbs up to the creative team at KK Outlet for designing something so cheeky and dare I say honest?