Living Room Furniture Ideas From The USA

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When thinking of your living room and modern design, you don’t always think about made in USA furniture, actually you probably never even consider a North American furniture maker.

The living room is the perfect place to show your style and personality, a place intended for relaxation and a place where you meet your family and friends, therefore it’s almost a must dedicate more budget and time for decorating it.

We associate living room furniture with clean lines and bright colors mixed to offer a sensation of space with colorful accents, unlike the American furniture design that is solid wood in natural shades.

Well, we’re here to change that opinion! Time to leave aside, at least for the moment, European furniture manufacturers, furniture made in Italy, or made in Spain, and have a double look at our ten Made in the USA living room furniture items.

You may have the surprise to discover interesting pieces of furniture that not only will create a cosy space but also real works of art.

You will discover not only that solid wood furniture in its natural color can be used in a modern and interesting way, and not only in a traditional piece of furniture.

We can notice in USA design a piece of traditional inspiration, therefore some will still name certain designs like traditional, but, the word modern is relative. There isn’t actually a clear definition for the “modern furniture design”, the style is actually in the eye of the critics.

For some modern means made in our era, while for others means clean lines and contrasts. You’ll be the only one capable to decide what modern means for you!

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