10 Luxury Outdoor Bathtubs for the Ultimate in Relaxation

When it comes to having the perfect setup, the addition of outdoor bathtubs can be an amazing way to relax in a serene setting.  The truth is that many of us don’t live in a place where having one is practical.  It could be that neighbors are right next to you or that the weather is unfavorable.  Think for a minute about a private tropical retreat or a house in the country.  Both of those settings would be optimal for adding this extra luxury.   Some day when you get that special vacation property, consider the amount of relaxation you could get soaking and taking in the scenery.

Porch with Ceiling and Open Air Concept

What a nice scene this portrays.  It’s a beautiful copper model with a nice water dispenser.  Notice in this layout that there is a ceiling above, but it can be converted to an open air concept.  This was smart planning on the part of the homeowner allowing for more flexibility in how frequently it can be used.

natural stone water bath on patio

classic water collector on wooden deck

Here is a simple wooden idea that sits on top of a great deck with a view.  This was a great suggestion as you can imagine the cost would not be great to create this type of floor plan.

Deep Soaking Whirlpools on Rooftop Deck

These deep soaking tubs point to a spa or place where there could be multiple bathers such as a family.  These feature whirlpool jets allowing for a more hot tub experience should you prefer.

Natural Rain Shower Head over Tub

Natural rain shower heads are gaining in popularity.  This picture shows a wonderful example in the midst of a lush tropical garden.  Notice the great hanging lights that are soft and also how the design incorporated the use of natural light as well.

walled in outdoor area with bathtub

This family incorporated the concept of a closed wall area to offer more privacy.  For those thinking about nosy neighbors this could be a solution to the problem.

outdoor bathtubs for the ultimate relaxation

Tropical Paradise  With Bathroom Amenities

Getting Clean in the Outdoors

Amazing Home Garden on Modern Home