With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it seems only appropriate to take a moment and focus on furniture built for two. Today’s roundup of extraordinary loveseats and apartment sofas runs from the classic (see “The Papabear” from Modernica) to the extreme (see “Space Invaders” from Dorothy) but hold one commonality among them: they’re perfectly suited for lovebirds and singles alike. Feel like cozying up to your one and only on the holiday made for couples? Look no further than a loveseat. Spending February 14 flying solo and watching a horror flick while eating as much garlic-laced cuisine as you possibly can? Ironically, there’s no better place to curl up under a blanket and bask in your independence than one of these snug little couches. But no matter how you spend next Tuesday, you have to admit these miniature sofas are pretty inviting.

10 Extraordinary Loveseats & Apartment Sofas

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lime green loveseat



slate grey loveseat



turquoise velvet loveseat



loveseat made of bike parts



Papabear loveseat



calypso loveseat



white Florida loveseat



space invader loveseat



heart shaped loveseats


Cityscape loveseat found at Teo Jasmin.