10 Dining Table Sets For 2019

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Think about the dining table sets you have eaten on in your lifetime. For me, I think of holiday dinners and family occasions where the best silverware and crystal was used. It may have taken days to prepare the food and another day to get the room ready for entertaining.

Life is about celebrating and that’s why this article focuses on that important place in a home. These ideas trend more towards a contemporary room as opposed to antique or traditional. Many of the ten examples are transitional and can work in a multitude of house plans.

It is our hope that as you look at these you may get suggestions about your next purchase and what type bests suits your decorative mindset. Whether it is wooden, stone, glass, high back chairs, low chairs, there are examples across the board to see.

Contemporary Dining Table

The base of this beautiful dining table is so striking.  I like how the white is blended in with varnished wood.  That ties more colors into the room allow for more options for accessorizing.  The look speaks very now and trendy and in no way dated thinking.


It is interesting all the details you can see in this picture.  There is a black base with metal angling up towards a glass top. Then the chairs have orange, black and metal.  There is such an array of colors and textiles that really make a statement in this overall design.


Here is a fine example of a dining table that is one of the more simple ideas among the ten examples.  When I look at this one I think of children.  It is much safer than other surfaces and the construction is so solid. I can see them in here doing homework, reading or coloring while mom or dad is busy in the kitchen.


Notice the soft color tones in the seating in this picture.  The neutral choice of color draws out the surrounding more such as the flooring, the wood legs, and the black surface.   I could see a dining bench working well on one or two of the long sides.