House guests are great… for a certain period of time.  A long weekend with distant relatives or old college buddies can be grand, but once the reminiscing dies down and the conversation wilts into idle chatter, it’s time to bid one another adieu.  Day beds are the perfect solution for out-of-towners; they’re plenty comfortable for a couple of nights, but after a while, the novelty of sleeping in a fetal position wears off, and bags invariably get packed in an appropriate amount of time.  Harsh?  Perhaps.  But think of it this way: generally speaking, small doses are easier to appreciate, and even the sweetest of desserts are best enjoyed a few savory bites at a time.

10 Perfect Day Beds

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red day bed



crate and barrel day bed



jonathan adler lounger



DWR day bed



sushi day bed



modern tufted day bed



circle cutout day bed



parsons wood day bed



luxury wood day bed


Circle cutout day bed found at West Elm.