10 Awesome Barstools

Let’s kick today’s post off with a little honesty: barstools are awkward.  Rarely does anyone feel compelled to sit in one for a longer period of time than absolutely necessary; in fact, the two main reasons to remain in one involve either sinking so deeply into a conversation and a series of cocktails that it’s more difficult to get up than to stay, or complete abandonment because the bar is so crowded, what’s meant to be a momentary absence becomes eternal desertion when the next patron zooms in before the seat even cools. Today’s roundup, though, is presented for your consideration in updating your own home, so we figured we’d go ahead and put fashion before function.  In fact, these awesome barstools are so eye-catching, they’re actually worth spending time in, discomfort be damned.  So line ’em up, Joe, and hit us again, Sam… we just might sit here all night.

10 Awesome Barstools



karim rashid barstools



modern colored wood barstools



ultramodern barstools



black and white infinity stool



lime green barstool



architectural barstool



recycled cork barstool



shiny red barstool



bubble barstools


Zig-Zag Viva stool available at The Find.



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